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Style Snapshot- Romper: Rachel Roy, Shoes: Shoedazzle Clutch: BCBG Bracelets: India
I started the cruise wedding series with a story about how I have been saving my gorge. BCBG gown for a special occasion, but never told my Ranis & Rajas about the ACTUAL wedding. (I was waiting for the profesh. pics OBVI)

The wedding was on St. Thomas which was green, clear blue waters & extremely hot! Super beautiful though.

Since I didn't know what adventures were in store for us when we boarded off the boat, I decided to wear a romper. I love the print & material (which reminds me of sari).. Romps are good for both hot and cold weather & am completely I am completely obsessed with them ( I own 30+).

The sock bun was a great hair choice.. not only because of the hot weather, but also because we rode in an open window bus/trolley to the venue & it kept my hair from whipping my face. (Rani's I know you know what I'm talking about!)

PS How GORGE. does the bride look??
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Love your fashion. I live in Trinidad and I plan on opening my clothing store in September so now it's research time. I don't want to spend my limited time when I get to LA getting confused, so I need your help. My store will be a small sq. footage firstly and I know some brands that see well here. e.g. naked zebra, levers, lost april, codigo, ja ja, and so on would I get some of these in San Pedro Mart? And do you think $5,000.00 US will be sufficient this one is extremely important since I have to start buying US dollars from like today in order to have enough. Can you help me with any suggestions at all? Anything will do. I am green at this new business endeavor. 

Thanks Karishma!

Hey Lyn,

Sorry for the delayed response. The fashion district isn't really known to sell brand clothing items (I have never seen any of the brands you mentioned above in the district)..ESP. in bulk. I's mainly fake designer wear. The beauty of the the district is that you can buy in bulk for cheap and change the tags to make it into your own brand. Another perk is that the district is usually ahead of most fashion trends. There are a lot of famous boutiques and such that buy in bulk from the showrooms and stores in the district. 

Since I have never bought in bulk/know exactly what it is you want to buy I can't tell you if 5k is enough money or not.. however I do have a friend who just opened a boutique and she said it was about a 10k start up price for her. 

Hope this helps.

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One of my besties decided to have a cruise wedding this year, and with cruises comes formals. 

As a mid-to-late twenty year old & never going to formals anymore, I have been saving this BCBG Gown Gem for a special occasion (and at least 3 years). What better place to wear this chic piece than on a cruise wedding? 

My fave. part of this gown is that you can lightly see the patterned material under the black fabric, only if you are paying close attention of course.
Style Snapshot- Gown: BCBG Necklace: BCBG Clutch: BCBG Bracelets: Forever21
<![CDATA[Ask Karish: Wholesale & The Fashion District]]>Fri, 08 May 2015 22:48:12 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/ask-karish-wholesale-the-fashion-district
Hello Kari, 

I'm interested in buying cute chic wholesale clothing, any ideas on where I may start? I know your familiar with the fashion district, any recommendations on where I can buy in discount prices, direct from the seller, where I may get more reasonable prices vs buying from a boutique. Any information helps. Thank you, your time and effort is highly appreciated. 


Hey Lucy,

Your best resource for finding stores in the LA Fashion District is the actual Fashion District Blog. They have a whole list of stores that will sell clothing items to you in wholesale. Do you live in LA? If not I have listed other resources on my last Ask Karish Post. 

Good Luck!!

<![CDATA[Winter Work Chic]]>Thu, 12 Mar 2015 21:41:22 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/winter-work-chic

It's been seriously freezing in LA lately - and thank god there are solutions to keep yourself warm & chic in winter.. my favorite being Fur Lined Leggings! Of course I discovered these in Santee Alley (my favorite place in LA) while I was on this mad hunt for stretchy pants. 

I bought them in this forrest green color and then realized as it was getting colder I should have bought them in every single color they offered! 

Normally you wouldn't wear such things to work, but of course I had to find a way to do it to keep warm inside & outside of the office! I paired it with a sweater (with an attached shirt), scarf, and pointy heels. 

Style Snapshot- Purse: Shoedazzle Sweater: Zara Shoes: Shoedazzle Insulated Leggings: LA Fahsion District Scarf: Thrift Store
<![CDATA[Ask Karish: Selling Wholesale]]>Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:37:22 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/ask-karish-selling-wholesale
Hi Karish,

Beautiful pictures. I hope you can help me. I am looking to start an online business selling dog clothes I looked in the garment district directory, but didn't see any manufacturers or fabricators for dog clothing. Please help, I live in a small town in northern CA and do not have anyone here to make my dog clothes. Thank you !


Hi Lupe,

Sorry for the delayed response. For those of us that don't have something like the Fashion District at our disposal.. you can always use different wholesale sites to start your business. Just make sure you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's (meaning do you already have your wholesalers, sellers and buyers license? Is your company trademarked? ETC.)  

Here are the top three sites I would consider using to start any kind of wholesale business (even for dog clothes).

Hope this helps!

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When I went on my shopping trip with the LAFashionDistrict there was this cute Asian woman who had a whole SHOP of these skirts. I went bizzerk in there because these skirts are perfect & chic for many occasions.
  1. Work
  2. Brunch
  3. Drinks
  4. Shopping
  5. Casual Outings

I wore this skirt outfit to brunch with some of my aunties. It was deceivingly sunny out so I was glad that this skirt gave me some coverage for the coldness.

These skirts are perfect to pair with a body suit because you cannot see underwear lines (like you can with pencil skirts). 

Body Suits are my favorite thing because it looks like you are wearing a shirt that never comes un-tucked! It's freaking awesome.

Style Snap- Jacket: BCBG Bodysuit: Forever 21 Skirt: LAFashionDistrict Purse: Zara
<![CDATA[Ask Karish: Mother of the Bride Options]]>Mon, 26 Jan 2015 21:37:03 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/ask-karish-mother-of-the-bride-optionsHi Karish -

I need your advice about finding a Mother of the Bride dress. I want a dress that has sleeves, beaded bodice but not too sexy. Everything I see online is for a hot 30 year old, size 5 model. I'm a size 16 grandma! I also want to spend no more than $250. Does this kind of dress exist in the fashion district?

I have also thought of buying a beaded top in Little India and having a matching skirt made. I appreciate any and all suggestions. 


Hey Susan,

I have come up with some options for you. While the fashion district does have bridal stores, I don't know that it would suit your needs. 

Option 1- Pant Suit with Custom Wrap

I think Little India is a great idea to make a custom bridal wrap such as the picture to the right.

There is a great fabric store right in the district where you can pick and choose exactly what fabric you want. While I realize that this particular wrap looks too much like a brides dress it's the concept that I am in love with. You can make it in any color. I think this wrap would go awesome with a chic pant suit or long skirt matching top type situation.
This particular website does custom sizing & maybe will even do another color for you. 
Click Here
You can get a simple tank top and pant suit to wear such as the one above. I found two that I really liked.
Option 1       Option 2

Option 2- Dress Options

Since your original question was about different dress options- I found some that I think are really chic! You need to look for dresses that have an empire waist. Here is what I found. PS Susan, this website has a lot of different options and will customize almost everything for you (colors, size etc.) Links below:
I think that these 4 options are really fitting for the occasion. They have all kinds of colors that you can choose from too! I like lots of colors for special occasions so that's what I leaned more towards- but you can go bright, neutral whatever you please.

Option 3- Ethnic Influence Dress

I love this dress because it has kind of an ethic flare, it reminds me of a sari. The only thing Indian grandmas (of any size) will wear to a wedding is a sari... which is probably what drew me to pick this one out. It's simple, yet the detailing is elegant. 

I realize that the model in this picture looks like she is a size 5, but since the dress doesn't really have a shape, I feel that it will look good on any shape or size. 

I found 2 different ones:
Hope this helps!! Good Luck!

<![CDATA[For the Love of Pictures]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:56:59 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/for-the-love-of-pictures
I LITERALLY <3 PicMonkey. When it comes time to edit my pictures I ALWAYS use their service. They have a lot of great editing tools that you can use for free, it's awesome! 
I'm sure you guys can tell by my pictures that I don't really like to spend a lot of time editing. All I ever really do is add more light (exposure) and some cropping.. but PicMonkey offers a lot of options for free (and even more if you pay)

Pre Pic Monkey

Post Pic Monkey

Their service also lets me make picture quotes on blank canvases (which is amaze because I am obsessed with lyrics) & they have tons of free fonts to choose from

And then I can make my edited pictures into collages which ultimately end up on my insta. or sometimes if I like the collage I made it'll end up on the blog. 
Literally, without services like PicMonkey, bloggers like me or maybe only me would seriously fail to exist. #ilovepicmonkey
<![CDATA[Fringe Kimonos]]>Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:00:23 GMThttp://www.karishmadonde.com/home/fringe-kimonos Kimonos are kind of like a shawl with sleeves, as a desi we use shawls as outerwear regularly... which is probably what attracted to me them in the first place! Why I did't start wearing these earlier??? Not only are they chic but, they are the perfect solution for when you don't have that shirt that's long enough to cover your ass in your sheer leggings but don't want to wear a jacket (this is a common problem for me).
They look chic in the day time, the night time & adds a little spice to your outfit. After figuring this out (I know I'm late) I have stocked up on them in 5 or 6 different patterns. When I went shopping with my friend she was like "Girrrrrl I been the queen of Kimonos, where have you been??"
And I also replaced my black boots with these new thigh high flat ones. I'm obsessed with them! I wear them out, to work, happy hours everywhere. They are also warm in this freezing cold LA weather.
Style Snapshot- Purse: Zara Boots: Just Fab Shirt: BCBG Necklace: Target Kimono: LA Fashion District