Hello Breathwork, Goodbye Stress

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Soooo..what's breathwork even about?

Did you know that every emotion you experience has an associated breath pattern? 

Whether you are excited, anxious, calm, nervous, joyful, happy—your breath communicates how your body is feeling and gives you a way to shift how you feel at any given moment. 

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our days: hustling, taking care of the kids, running errands…We are constantly in overdrive and never slow down to realize what is happening in our nervous systems.

It’s why 80% of the world is suffering from anxiety related medical issues. 

We aren’t consciously checking-in with ourselves & tend to turn to something external (food, drinking, drugs, overworking) for the purpose of “self-care.” 

The thing is, when we turn to something outside of ourselves, we are just putting band-aids on bullet wounds instead of doing the work to release the tension that lives within. 

We are scared to emote.
We are scared to scream in anger.
We are ashamed to cry. 

But it’s all those years of pent up emotions that cause us to be sick. 

Think about it. 

When you get a cold, what is the only thing that you can actually do? Sleep, drink water, rest, take hot showers—it’s your body’s way of saying SLOW the F* DOWN! 

It’s time that we heal ourselves, take proactive steps to slow down & get high off our own supply! 


Breathwork is the #1 healing modality in the world and has been used amongst ancient civilizations to release trauma and pent up emotions within the body—this is why so many practices involve breathing coupled with it: yoga, tai-chi, intuitive movement/dance. 

For centuries, humanity has known the power of breath. We have known consciously breathing creates relaxation within the body. 

It allows our nervous system to relax.
It increases the supply of oxygen to the brain.
It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes a state of calmness. 

One of the most interesting facts I discovered while studying breathwork is that the amount of time we spend in the present moment can be defined by how much trauma we have experienced in our lifetime. Basically, when we are constantly living in the past or worrying about our futures, we are re-living traumas that live inside of our bodies.

It’s our experiences in life (from birth until now) that can spiral us into anxious or depressed states. We often trivialize our trauma, because we think, “what I experienced isn’t as bad as XYZ” but it’s what defines our patterns and behaviors.

Why we do the things that we do.
Why we act the way we act.
Why we are triggered by certain situations.
Why we choose to suppress our emotional states instead of deal with it head on.  

In breathwork, the body is the healer. It creates a self-healing process within the body utilizing the energetics of the system to heal the trauma, stuck emotions and pain locked within the system. 

Think about a time you fell and cut or scraped a part of your body; you were able to see your skin repair itself and heal.

Trauma is similar—it’s a cut on the inside that is trying to heal. However, because it’s being continuously ignored, the open wound continues to stay damaged. 

Your body wants to heal. 

It wants to be strong, powerful, calm and it knows that anxiety is not it’s normal state.

It’s time to let go and take your power back. 

And you can. Through conscious breath. 

Healing can happen on micro and macro levels using two different types of breath patterns. 

  1. Integrative: Small conscious breaths that you can use throughout your day as needed
  2. Meditative: Longer periods of conscious breath that allows you to go deeper within your body

By integrating conscious breath into your daily life, I can guarantee:

  1. Increased calmness & tranquility 
  2. Deepened meditation practice
  3. Mood Elevation
  4. More Energy

What are you waiting for?