It's Karishma! I'm about to cure your stress & anxiety for good.


Here's the deal: Everyone has the right to know how to heal themselves, and I'm here to show you how.


It's Karishma! I'm about to cure your stress & anxiety for good.


Here's the deal: I'm not successful unless you have the tools & knowledge to know exactly how to heal yourself.

But seriously. It's our birthright to live life to its fullest expression with ease.

To say that I'm obsessed with making sure you get the tools, knowledge & benefits you need is an understatement.



We are going to work together to get through the following pillars:


1. Awareness: Deep dive into your subconscious mind and become intimately aware of what's going on
2. Connection: Take the out of body experiences and bring them back into the body using somatics
3. Integration: Create personalized support, routines, and rituals to integrate breathwork & movement into your daily life
4. Embodiment: Observe and identify areas to create sustainable changes to your integration practice


Welcome to the most magical journey: your life!

"Life is meant to be easy!"

Everyone is placed in this world for a reason. But only those who are willing to lean into fear and commit to themselves will unlock the key to happiness, joy & a passion-filled life.

-New York Weekly

The first thing to know about me is that WORKING used to be my life. I’m talking about working until burnout, anxious, stressed, perfectionist, lack of sleep, to-do list in my brain type-of-person. 

I also had an eating disorder, hated my body, used food & alcohol as a drug and always complained about how fat I was. 

These two things were an awful combination because I would use food to numb my stress but then hated myself for eating so much and not having the "will power" to stay skinny. 

And to me… BEING SKINNY was everything. I made it my goal & purpose to have the perfect body. 

Now, you may not be the person who uses food as the drug to numb your pain and anxiety but could it be something else? Over working, drugs, alcohol, scrolling on your phone…? 

I get it. 

I get that you’re tired.

I get that you’re scared.

I get that you’ve tried meditation and it’s not working. 

I get it because just like you, I had one hundred apps on my phone that were supposed to help optimize my life, but they didn’t.. 

So instead, of giving up, I invested in myself. 

I learned the ins & outs of trauma, the root of anxiety, somatic healing & so much more. 

I couldn’t believe that I FIGURED. IT. OUT. 

Since then, I made a decision that everyone gets the RIGHT TO KNOW how to heal themselves regardless of the ailment.

At the end of it all, I’m just a small town girl from Ohio with a big heart and an even bigger mission. 

And I can’t wait to meet you & change your life. 

My jam is ensuring that you know how to properly integrate my techniques in your life through embodiment. 

We’re going to focus on your exact needs, personalized to YOU!

Every client is different & that’s why there is no such thing as a one-plan-fits-all in my practice. 

The hard truth?

You gotta show up & do the work. This is not just “my thing” or a cut & paste guide but a partnership. 

Are you ready to experience the biggest life transformation you’ve ever had? 



The Official Bio

(In 3rd Person, of course)

Karishma started Breathwork Coaching in order to help people heal through their own breath & other somatic healing practices.

Mental health awareness & access is at the core part of Karishma’s life mission. She believes that everyone has the right to know how to heal themselves through preventive care practices. 

Being a first generation immigrant, she recognized that there were cultural constructs that were holding her back from living out her wildest dreams and now helps others to live their own empowered lives by breaking free of their own cultural standards, people pleasing, perfectionism, and high-performing anxiety through coaching & breathwork. 

Natural medicine & Ayurveda were a part of her cultural upbringing and she loved it so much that she would unofficially give her friends and other family members advice on living a healthier lifestyle. 

This lifestyle and off-the-books mentoring taught her how to lead with her intuition and create individualized healing plans for her clients.